Athletic Achievements

by Robert D. Waxham

To the very best of my knowledge there are no professional athletes on our family tree (unless one counts Brian John Waxham who trains and rides racehorses in Australia). Nevertheless, a number of members of the Waxham family have excelled in amateur athletic activities.

Perhaps the most remarkable athletic feat by a Waxham took place way back in January 1907. Miss Agnes Waxham, daughter of Charles Heber Waxham in Clan John, was known as an expert swimmer. One day the swimming instructor at the school she attended lost her glasses in the pool. Several boys dove into the pool in an attempt to retrieve the glasses but were unable to locate them. Then Agnes entered the 13-foot pool, swam underwater for some two minutes and then came up with the glasses. Two newspapers reported the story and said that her two-minute time was close to the women’s underwater record.

 There are a number of glowing accounts in California newspapers describing the accomplishments of Francis (Frank) Waxham as a member of the San Jose State University varsity wrestling team, graduating in 1952. He won a number of regional titles in the 157-pound class and was ranked so highly that he even had a challenge match against the national AAU titleholder.

Another member of the West Coast branch of the family, John Francis Waxham, was a standout football player for the Mountlake Terrace “Hawks.”

According to the Seattle Daily Times of November 3, 1966, John rushed for 155 yards, scored twice, ran for an extra point, passed for two touchdowns, intercepted a pass, and batted down two others. He later played at the college level for the University of Montana.

Another outstanding athletic performance took place just recently. George E. Waxham, Jr., of the West Coast branch of Clan William, now 84 years young, competed in a track meet in Folsom, California on June 12, 2009. In the 80 to 89 age division, George won the 100-meter race with a time of 19.47 seconds. In another event, he won the triple jump in the 80 to 84 division with a leap of 11’ 2 3⁄4” while placing third in the long jump at 6’ 3”.